Michael D. Jones

Producer - Line Producer - UPM (DGA)

Silver Heart Productions is an independent production company, founded by Michael D. Jones in 2005.  Michael has over 27 years experience in Film & Television as UPM, Line Producer, and Creative Producer.

His client relationships have extended from Cable to Broadcast Networks, Indie to Studio productions, commercials to live shows, and his work has taken him to over 35 US states as well as Canada. From Alaska to New Mexico, Detroit to Savannah, Los Angeles to the White House, and all over the Pacific Northwest, Michael is able to assemble a team and bring projects in on time and on budget.


Silver Heart Productions is committed to developing and producing original meaningful projects. Our goal is to work with emerging and established writers, talent, and crew, using our vast production experience mixed with creativity and business savvy to ensure that our projects inspire, engage, and entertain audiences worldwide.

 T E S T I M O N I A L S

“I am writing on behalf of Michael Jones regarding his application for membership to the PGA. Michael was my Production Supervisior on “The Irishman,” a feature film I shot last year in Detroit.
Michael and I spent several months working closely on all phases of production of “The Irishman.” It was a demanding shoot and Michael handled himself with the utmost professionalism. We delivered the film on time and on budget and Michael was instrumental in that process.
I believe Michael will be a great asset to the PGA and I look forward to seeing his future accomplishments.”
— Jonathan Hensleigh, Producer’s Guild of America
“Michael is a top notch feature film Producer / UPM. Michael is on top of every detail during production. His decisions benefitted the creative process of filmmaking, while being economical and budget conscious. Too often I’ve seen UPM’s make decisions that hurt a project, in attempt to save money. Michael has the ability to make sound budget decisions that do not handcuff the creative team.”
— Mark K, Owner Mark Karavite, LLC
“Michael Jones has the sincere passion and dedicated work ethic that defines the best of what production can be.”
— Rebecca H, Producer Rebecca Hynes, llc
“Michael brings years of experience managing film projects utilizing a variety of production roles. Understanding the various parts of production as a producer makes him a valuable asset. His knowledge enhances the schedule, budget and overall quality of a film project. It’s this quality that brings together a successful motion picture!”
— Dan S, Owner Filmstoryboards.com
“Michael is always a joy to work with. His passion for his projects is infectious and his attention to detail never fails to impress. He is an invaluable asset to our market!”
— Kaili C, Co Founder ARTHOUSE Talent & Literary
“Michael approaches each job with an enthusiasm that is infectious. Little do we know that it’s a ploy to to build a team of people who gladly give 110%. His job’s come in on time and on budget. And he’s a delight to work with. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable.”
— Carmella C, Creative GROUP
We have worked on two movies with Michael Jones as a Producer. We found him to be very resourceful, trustworthy, and efficient. He is an excellent Producer and we would definitely work with him again.
— Bart Rosenblatt, Code Entertainment.
“If you are looking for a dedicated, hard working, trustworthy employee or daily hire, you can end your search with Michael Jones. As the Production Manager for “Unsolved Mysteries,” I had the pleasure of knowing, and working with Michael since 1992.
Working with Michael is a pure joy. His enthusiasm, energy, and attitude have been nothing but a breath of fresh air since he joined my department in 1992. Michael is truly a heads up team player. He is dedicated to his job and to accomplishing the tasks set before him in the most cost effective and timely manner.
Sadly, he left my department and moved on to work with our principal talent. That move alone is an indication of the kind of person you will get if you hire Michael Jones.”
— Todd Miller, Unsolved Mysteries
“It is with great pleasure that I write the letter of recommendation for Mike Jones. For the past nine years, I have been one of the key directors for NBC’s “Unsolved Mysteries” series. During that time, I have come to know Mike in many roles, ranging all the way from actor, to associate producer, to assistant director.
I have found Mike to be an excellent worker in every way. He is prompt, courteous, highly dependable, and capable of handling stressful situations in a calm, professional manner. On a recent shoot for which I hired Mike as my assistant director, I watched with great enjoyment as he kept his cool, controlling thirty five-year-old extras for an entire day, directing them in background situations, and keeping them entertained between takes.
Mike has a find blend of creative instinct with strong organizational capabilities, an excellent combination for many tasks in the entertainment industry. I would highly recommend him as an assistant director, associate producer or for any job which rquires strong organizational calm under fire. I have no doubt that one day Mike will be producing his own program material.
Should you wish to contact me in person regarding Mike, please don’t hesitate to call.”
— Jim Lindsay, Unsolved Mysteries
“For the past two and a half months Michael Jones has been working as a Production Coordinator here at Kavich/Reynolds Productions.
Michael’s energy, enthusiasm and dedication have proven to be a valuable asset to the company; he has done an excellent job!
His contribution has been greatly appreciated and his presence will be missed as he returns to his position at “Unsolved Mysteries”.
Please feel free to call me for a personal recommendation.”
— Steve Kavich, Kavich Reynolds Productions
“The very first person I ever spoke with after starting my job here at the Film Office was Michael Jones. At the time he was coordinating an episode for a TV show, “It’s a Miracle.” The word in the office at that time – Michael is one of the best out there. He is on top of details, gets things done and takes good care of his projects. Since that time (10 years ago) Michael has gone on to produce bigger projects, take on more responsibility and we still hear nothing but praise from his crew and other industry professionals.”
— Susan H, Marketing/Administrative Manager, Governor’s Office of Film & Television.